Midlands based Clamason Industries are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of precision metal pressings.

An environmentally conscious company, Clamason Industries were keen to explore options to reduce carbon emissions and save on energy costs.

SMARTech energy were approached to carry out an energy management survey (EMS) – with the aid of energy monitoring to establish how to reduce Clamason Industries’ utility consumption costs and improve the energy management within the business.

Our report provides a detailed, impartial appraisal and return on investment for solutions specific to their business issues and opportunities.



The site has a net total energy consumption of 3,353,932 kWh for electricity and gas per year.  The site is split into four units, namely Unit 2, Unit 7, Unit 8 and Unit 9. The electrical and gas energy consumption and energy costs per annum for the four units are shown below:

ParticularsAnnual Electrical Energy ConsumptionAnnual Gas Energy ConsumptionAnnual Total Energy Consumption
Unit 2570135 kWh479361 kWh1049496 kWh
Unit 750351 kWh125686 kWh176037 kWh
Unit 8231024 kWh168767 kWh399791 kWh
Unit 9835619 kWh892990 kWh1728609 kWh
TOTAL1687128 kWh1666804 kWh3353932 kWh


ParticularsAnnual Electrical Energy BillsAnnual Gas Energy BillsAnnual Total Energy Bills
Unit 228.24%4.94%33.19%
Unit 72.46%1.34%3.80%
Unit 811.40%1.86%13.25%
Unit 939.53%10.23%49.76%



The SMARTech energy management survey looked at how, when and where this energy is being used. It has identified total approximate savings of 53.37% for the electric savings interventions and 5% for gas savings interventions.

This represents a technically and economically validated opportunity to prevent ongoing energy waste. For example, if these savings had been identified and implemented five years ago, the site would have avoided a bill of more than £500k in utility charges (based on present tariffs).

Our report presents opportunities to manage future utility spend and offers savings that will compensate for predicted electricity price inflation. Clamason Industries have already entered into a new utility contract with their energy provider and has revised unit rates that are 30% higher than the existing unit rates.

SMARTech energy proposes a method that will help avoid this energy waste and provide an opportunity to promote carbon savings measures.

From our energy management survey review we have identified the following areas that can be improved using specified solutions:

LED Lighting Strategy
SMARTech energy suggest an optimised LED lighting solution to reduce Clamason Industries’ annual energy cost and provide far better lighting quality, optimised across the site. By switching to LED lighting, Clamason Industries will also see a reduced demand in ampage, this may enable the site’s kVA capacity to be reduced to achieve additional savings.
Voltage Optimisation
By implementing Voltage Optimisation, a solution that is fitted to the main incoming supply, SMARTech energy can reduce the voltage necessary to run the site. This decreases demand and achieves significant savings. This solution also protects Clamason Industries’ equipment by reducing heat and vibration, lengthening the lifespan of their electrical equipment with no effects on performance.
Power Factor Correction
Power factor correction improves the power factor in the main incoming supply by compensating the inductive reactive power with capacitive reactive power. SMARTech energy recommend installing power factor correction in Unit 2 and Unit 9. This will reduce the reactive power charges as well as kWh losses in the system and save energy.
Motor Optimisation System
Majority of motors in all of the four units work on varying torque loading condition. Since the motor themselves produce a nearly constant torque, even at reduced load or no-load torque, the motor tends to produce high driving torque and thus consume disproportionately high energy. Therefore, we recommend installation of motor optimisation system called ‘Integra’. This system matches the motor driving torque with the required torque of the load. This ensures energy saving during reduced torque requirements.
Solar PV for Unit 8
SMARTech energy recommend the installation of a 50-kW system for Unit 8. It is planned to use the entire generated energy at site to mitigate the electrical energy consumption from the mains supply for Unit 8. This being a renewable energy intervention will provide long term energy generation at site and protect against increasing energy prices.
Compressor Upgrade
SMARTech energy recommend the replacement of the existing compressors with new high efficiency rotary vane compressors with variable speed drives. This solution will provide upto 45% of energy savings as compared to the existing compressors. Variable speed drives enable the compressors to operate at reduced speeds when the compressed air demand fluctuates in the plant. Operating the compressors at lower speeds result in energy savings and improved compressor life.
Baseload Reduction
Units 2 and 9 are in operation 24 hours a day, but the production process is at nominal output between 11 PM and 5 PM. The baseload during this period for Unit 2 and 9 is 17 kW and 34 kW respectively. Unit 7 and 8 are operational between 6 AM and 11 PM. The baseload for Units 7 and 8 is found to be 1.4 kW and 11 kW respectively. A high baseload results in wasted energy because it is not accounted for against any production in the units. For the baseload optimisation, our intervention would include further energy monitoring using our state-of-the-art equipment, another site visit and specific audit during off-peak hours. This allows SMARTech energy to identify culprit appliances and human habits to produce an optimal energy saving plan for site implementation.
kVA Decrease
Once implementing SMARTech energy’s solutions, we can reassess the maximum capacity expected to be drawn from the site. This allows us to provide Clamason Industries with the correct limit to set with your energy contractor. It is predicted that for Unit 2 upto 70 kVA of electricity demand can be reduced at site. Similarly, for Units 7, 8 and 9, it is estimated that upto 10 kVA, 15 kVA and 85 kVA contract demand can be reduced. This will save on charges that you are likely to not need to be paying.
Smart Gas Savers
Installing SMART Gas Savers on site will aid in improving the gas combustion efficiency to reduce gas consumption in the gas heaters by up to 10% and corresponding gas energy bills on site.


The entire energy management survey as it has been presented, provides an opportunity to save 29.5% on annual energy spend.

  • Achieving total Co2 savings of 271.7 tonnes per year
  • Total ROI of 2.7 years

The finalised report gave recommendations for areas of improvement.  By implementing these recommendations, Clamason Industries will reduce their company’s electricity bills, carbon footprint and show improved profits.

Customer Feedback

Steve Daveport, Supply Chain Director for Clamason Industries:
“SMARTech energy’s presentation was good – including the quotation and the way that they came and presented it.  We’ll end up saving a lot of money working with SMARTech energy”.


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