The ESOS study for Framptons identifies 32.93% energy savings


SMARTech energy undertakes ESOS Compliance for Framptons

Framptons is a food manufacturing company based in Shepton Mallet, Wiltshire. The site comprises of five units, in which the main unit, unit 1 and unit 2 are processing and packaging facilities – combined with offices and unit 3 and unit 4 are warehouses where unprocessed ingredients are stored.

Various types of machines have been audited within these units – including compressors, pumps, homogenizer, pasteurizers and different types of tetra-paks.

This equipment consumes large quantities of electricity and gas throughout the year; resulting in very high energy bills of more than £1m for electricity and approximately £500k for gas per year. (Figures are based on estimated amounts using the utility bills data obtained from October 2018 to January 2019 with latest tariff from British Gas energy bills).


The ESOS study for Framptons identifies 32.93% energy savings

Launched in 2014, ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme and is the UK Government’s response to the implementation of Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive – which is designed to support energy efficiency measures in the UK’s commercial and industrial sectors.

SMARTech energy’s Lead ESOS Assessor was brought on board by Framptons to conduct the ESOS compliance and to identify ways to reduce the energy consumption across their sites.

SMARTech energy completed a 3-month energy monitoring and plant survey in specified areas of the Frampton’s site and identified energy savings opportunities throughout.


The programme of energy efficiency improvement included the identification of key elements throughout the plant for high energy use machinery – which formulated an action plan for replacing old and low efficiency machinery with new and higher efficiency electro-mechanical machinery (motors, compressors and boilers etc).  This will result in achieving savings in the form of reduced energy consumption and lower energy bills.  The programme is segregated into savings in electrical energy, savings in gas energy and savings in renewable energy.

Through the use of SMARTech energy’s innovative Eniscope energy monitoring equipment, our Lead ESOS Assessor identified a number of energy savings opportunities across the sites, including:

Electricity Savings Identified

Gas Savings Identified

Renewable Savings Identified

Total savings across all applications identified is 32.93%

The energy efficiency improvement programme recommended by SMARTech energy, together with the cost benefit analysis will also help Framptons to achieve their goal of green business status.

For ESOS purposes, a full energy report was then completed which substantiated the audit, its findings and recommendations.  This audit was then signed off by Framptons’ Engineering Manager, Barry Wilson and a report of compliance was sent to the Environment Agency to be logged and received without revisions.

Electric motors covered under EMS and ESOS survey
Tetra Pak Filling Machines Being Monitored
Monitoring Installed at Compressors
Eniscope Installed on Transformer 1

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