Help identify energy reduction measures

An Energy Management Survey will show businesses in Wiltshire and Hull where, how and when their energy is being consumed

SMARTech Energy Consultancy has developed its own SMART methodology to energy management and reduction. This methodology aims to help businesses to achieve total energy efficiency, and where possible self-sustainability, with minimum or no energy wastage or leakages.

To enable SMARTech Energy Consultancy to engage and work with a client, we are aware that both parties need to understand where the client is at present with energy efficiency measures, where their energy is being consumed, how it is being consumed, and importantly when it is being consumed. Once we understand this we can then see where energy is being wasted and most importantly how much.

How to prevent or reduce business energy wastage

To achieve this we conduct an Energy Management Survey (EMS), that is stage one of our nine stage methodology called TAKE CONTROL, to ensure accurate data we install our Eniscope – Real Time Energy Monitoring System on your main electrical incoming supply, which will record up to 30 parameters and enable SMARTech Energy Consultancy to understand in depth your current situation. The second part of the EMS, Stage one is to carry out an in-depth site survey to gather information and understand how your facility operates.

After 7 days of monitoring, data is collated and the site survey is complete, SMARTech Energy Consultancy will begin stage two, REVIEW THE DATA, which will enable us to present a report with a breakdown of where your energy is being consumed, areas of wastage identified and recommendations of how to prevent or reduce this energy wastage. This will include applicable SMART solutions to the business. We also supply an overview on potential financial and carbon emission savings, costs of solutions and payback times.

SMARTech Energy Consultancy – Energy Management Survey
Our EMS enables both parties now to understand what the energy situation is and allows stage three to commence which is to DEVELOP AN ENERGY PLAN – SMARTech Energy Consultancy will work with you to develop an energy plan that fit’s in line with the your business plan and together we can outline a targeted percentage of savings to be achieved.

Save up to 50% of your current energy consumption

If you would like to take control of your energy costs and rein in all those energy leakages, then contact SMARTech Energy Consultancy today to book your FREE energy consultation and how our SMART methodology can save your business up to 50% of your current energy consumption.

Take control of your energy costs and rein in all those energy leakages

We can develop an energy plan in line with the your business plan

Benefits of EMS

  • Identifies Energy Savings of up to 50%
  • Provides an independent energy management report
  • Includes energy monitoring reports to understand your electricity demand in more detail
  • Understand how much energy you are wasting our of hours (Base Load report)
  • Enables a clear Energy Plan to be developed
  • First steps to becoming an Environmentally responsible company

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