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The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme is a mandatory assessment and energy saving identification scheme.

The aim is to cut carbon emissions by requiring large businesses to identify energy reduction measures and make energy savings. The scheme affects up to 10,000 UK organisations.

The criteria for inclusion to ESOS are large companies that employ at least 250 people and/or have an annual turnover of 50 million euros or over and an annual balance sheet total of over 43 million euros.

How to comply with ESOS

Organisations were required to submit information for Phase 1 of ESOS by 29th January 2016. The regulations require large UK organisations to take three important steps before the compliance date of 5th December 2019:

  • Measure your business total energy consumption
  • Conduct energy audits to identify energy efficiency and energy management opportunities
  • Evaluate opportunities – Energy audit reports need to be signed off at board level

Implications of not complying

  • There’s a fixed penalty of up to £5,000 if you don’t comply
  • You can be charged an additional £40,000 in daily penalties for failure to notify compliance.
  • The non compliance will also be made public
  • Further discretionary penalties apply
How to comply with ESOS

We can help with in-depth minute by minute business energy monitoring equipment

SMARTech Energy Consultancy has a team of dedicated energy consultants and lead assessors to support and guide you through the process, in essence we can take care of ESOS for you and let you get on with your day job. The aim of ESOS is to get businesses to reduce energy consumption and we have a programme which fits perfectly for this where we act as your part time energy manager, using our team of experts to collate the facts and data to help your organisation make informed decisions.

Using the Smart Energy Management Service (SEMS) it enables SMARTech Energy Consultancy to act as an ongoing energy partner. Through the deployment of in-depth minute by minute energy monitoring equipment across your buildings it enables identification us to collate the data ahead of the next reporting date.

In the first round of ESOS one of the most time consuming parts of getting all the billing together with our clients, by using monitoring we only need sample bills not 12 months worth for your whole estate.

There are many other benefits of using our SEMS programme ad monitoring equipment, for more details on this click here – Smart Energy Management Service (SEMS).

An accurate report of how, where and when your business energy is being consumed

We offer Energy Management Surveys, which incorporates a site survey and energy monitoring equipment being installed to collate real time data. This enables us to supply an accurate report of how, where and when your energy is being consumed and how, where and when it is being wasted or is it just being consumed at the wrong times of the day, causing you to pay higher utility costs than required.

The scheme is currently designed to carry out energy audits and report them. At present there is no commitment to implementing energy saving measures to reduce energy wastage. But why would organisations not implement energy saving measures when it is evident it is going to significantly reduce running costs?

SMARTech Energy Consultancy can work with your organisation as a lead ESOS assessor to ensure you are legislatively compliant and then to specify solutions to meet your requirements. Further, SMARTech Energy Consultancy can supply, install & project manage the energy saving measures enabling you and your staff to continue doing what you are specialists in, whilst SMARTech Energy Consultancy do what we are specialists at delivering quantifiable energy saving.

Even better, what if we could finance the energy saving project and make it cash positive? Well SMARTech Energy Consultancy can offer this as we work closely with the Carbon Trust and Siemens finance to do just that.

Call us today on 01225 635660 or contact us through the website to get started.

SMARTech Energy Consultancy can work with your organisation as a lead ESOS assessor to ensure you are legislatively compliant

We can take care of ESOS for you and let you get on with your day job

Benefits of ESOS

  • Companies can save money and power through lower energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency can improve overall product quality
  • Harmonising the energy balance
  • Improved compressed air supply
  • Improving working conditions
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Eligible for Carbon Trust energy efficiency loan

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